November 2019, Knoxville, New Works in Paper

In November, I am having (or have had) an art opening at the Emporium in Knoxville, TN. The opening is called “New Works in Paper” and opening night is the first Friday in November from 6pm to 9pm. The works will remain up until after Thanksgiving.

I became interested in paper several years ago as a way to make low cost, light weight jewelry. Progressing from there, I started making folk style art using handmade paper (as in my show last year, “The Alphabet Series”). My early paper making was crude and made in a blender. As I read more, I became interested in the equipment and science of papermaking and decided to set up a ‘real’ studio. As a retired engineer, I was able to understand the science and construct my own equipment. Currently my normal sized paper is 11” x 17”, but larger sizes are just a few pieces of equipment away. After a year of construction and redesign, I now have a complete paper studio with a Hollander beater, molds and deckles, a press, a drying box, and a vacuum table.

I have attended two papermaking classes (in Cleveland, OH and Brooklyn, NY) which I found to be very useful because I was able to observe and practice techniques I had read about and to ‘bring them home’ for my own use. I have visited several artist studios and paper mills in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Holland and several artist studios. I also have acquired a rather extensive library of books covering commercial papermaking and art papermaking. I now have a taste of what a paper maker is, or the range of what a paper maker might be. I have met others who are fine artists, who make books or prints, who sell finished paper sheets to others, or who collaborate with others to help them realize their art in paper. Still for me to conquer are 3-dimensional paper techniques, so watch for another show in November 2020.

My goal with this show is, of course, to sell some paper or art, but mainly to generate interest and discussions leading to future opportunities and collaborations. I can sell paper from my inventory, make custom orders of paper, collaborate on paper related projects, or consult about paper making science and techniques. I think the collaboration aspects of papermaking tie in very well with my former work as an engineer.

This show exhibits the wide range of papers that I have made, from simple sheets to complex multi-step sheets, and also examples of my art made with from these papers. Paper fibers include abaca, kozu, gampi, seisel, bamboo, cotton, and wood cellulose, and various vegetable related fibers from our garden. I use dyes, inks, and pigments for color as appropriate. Both the paper and my finished art is for sale after the show and there is a portfolio of half sized sheets in the Art Alliance office downstairs that are available for immediate purchase and take away.

The show is presented in three parts or sections. In the first, 18 pieces of solid color paper are presented and in the second, 18 pieces of multi color or multi process paper are presented. These two parts are shown here and each piece of paper is 11 x 17 inches.

DSCN6775 (2)DSCN6809 (2)

In the third section, I have presented 12 pieces of art which I have made from my paper. These are assembled from my of paper, either by gluing or mechanically, and most are mounted on plywood sheets and ready for framing. Sizes range from 8 x 8 up to 13 x 18. Prices range from $50 to $125 each and they can be purchased during the show or after the show. These are pictured below.

These works are entitled; Through the Window, Study 5 Study 8, (Resonance), Study 10 (Blocks), Does God Play Dice?, Roses, Red Desert, Scales, Four Friends, Study 9 (Mountain Scene), Sunrise. Unfortunately, not in order. Every time I re-edit this page, the photos seem to load in a different sequence. Hopefully, titles are not really important to you or are somewhat obvious.

Thank you for looking