March 2022, New Works in Paper

I was originally signed up to do this show in November 2021, a year after my last show. However, about mid-year, I realized that I had lost my artistic inspiration and decided to delay it a few months. This delay proved beneficial, and I now have 35 new works for the show. These pieces focus on my interest in paper as a 3 dimensional medium, thick and multi-layered. All are in simple wooden shadow boxes and have a single hanging hook on the back. This hook can be relocated to rotate the pieces, or you can switch to a wire type hanger. I realize that pricing is perhaps on the low side, but I would rather see my art in new homes, rather than hanging onto it. And hey, it’s only paper.

Good Luck, 20x14x1.75 inches, $125
Grass with Clouds, 10x10x1.25 inches, $75
Handshake, 8x10x1.25 inches, $75
Ice Blue, 10x10x1.25 inches, $75
Ice Cave in Sunlight, 8.5×8.5×1.25 inches, $75
Lady Shepards, 7x7x1.5 inches, $50
Night Sky, 7x7x1.5 inches, $50
Radiant Sky, 9.25×9.25×1.25 inches, $75
Red Sand, 7×3.5×1.5 inches, $40

Ripples #1, 10x10x1.25, $75
Ripples #2, 10x10x1.25 inches, $75
Robots Reflected, 7x7x1.5 inches, $50
Spirals #1, 10x10x1.25 inches, $100
Spirals #2, 20x14x1.75 inches, $150
Storm Clouds, 7x7x1.5 inches, $50
The Serpent Sleeps, 17.5×10.5×1.25 inches, $100
Two Paper Tiles, 17.5×10.5×1.25 inches, $100
Walk Off Mat #1, 10x10x1.25 inches, $75
Walk Off Mat #2, 10x10x1.25 inches, $75
Walk Off Matt #3, 10x10x1.25 inches, $75
Walk Off Mat #4, 3.5x7x1.5 inches, $40
Walk Off Mat #5, 3.5x7x1.5 inches, $40
Waves of Grain #1, 9.25×9.25×1.25 inches, $75
Waves of Grain #2, 9x9x1.25 inches, $75
12th Floor #1, 20x14x1.75 inches, $125
Black Hole, 8.5×8.5×1.25 inches, $75
12th Floor #3, 10x9x1 inches, $75
12th Floor #4, 10x9x1 inches, $75
Forest with Trees, 10x10x1.25 inches, $75
12th Floor #5, 12×8.5×1 inches, $75
12th Floor #6, 12×8.5×1 inches, $75
Bubbles, 7x11x1.5 inches, $60
God Plays Dice, 7x7x1.5 inches, $50
Ice Blue too, 10x10x1.25 inches, $75, actually, this is the wrong picture. Ice Blue Too looks like this but the yellow and pink strips fill the whole square. It is a companion piece to Ice Blue, but I couldn’t find the picture.